Sachin Joab

An actor whose versatility has earned him professional credits in film, television and stage.

Collaborating with some of the worlds leading directors, Joab’s collection of work includes:


Perception - U.S ABC/TNT

Underbelly/Fat Tony & Co - Nine Network

Neighbours - Ten/Eleven Network

City Homicide - Seven Network

Rush - Ten Network

Conspiracy 365 - Foxtel Movie Network FMC

Better Man – SBS


The Legend Maker
– Directed by Ian Pringle; producer of AFI award winning film Romper Stomper

Tala - Directed by Anoar Ahmed. Award-winning Australian-Indian film

Big Mamma’s Boy - Directed by award winner Franco di Chiera

My Year Without Sex - Directed by the late AFI award winner Sarah Watt

10 Terrorists - Directed by I.F award winner Dee McLaughlin

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Sachin’s finely tuned ear for accents has earned him roles from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds ranging from American to British to Australian, including his role on the U.S crime drama series Perception, his lead role in the iconic Australian television show Neighbours, the fast paced cable television mini series Conspiracy 365 and the true to life SBS drama Better Man.

A graduate in Acting, Sachin also has a solid athletic background. His study of human movement enables him to embrace physically demanding roles with ease such as the rough & tumble Stanley Kowalski from A Streetcar Named Desire, to Shakespeare's twisted incarnate of evil Richard III.